Bühnenkunstschule 2022: REPEAT RESET RELOAD

The final show of the 19th year of the ACADEMY - Bühnenkunstschule for Young People:

Silence afterwards. Bright and fulfilling, but completely empty.
And now? Rebuild everything and start again - only much better?
Now there's so much space. For me. For us. For you.
*A lot of space means a lot of emptiness. Emptiness needs to be filled. And that's a fucking big task.

Since January 2022, the young performers of the Stage Arts School have been dealing with the theme RESET - Everything New! Under the guidance of professional stage artists, they created scenes, songs and choreographies and this energetic and timeless performance.

With **Celina Borko, Clara Korenke, Faseeha Chughtai, Helena Spiekermann, Jamila Osman, Janneke Jaeschke, Johannes Aden, Lani Stiens, Lena Schwerdtfeger, Lena von Arps-Aubert, Lona Spahija, Maya Vehmeier, Nayra Strobel Santos, Nina Fiedler, Susan Ali-Saleha, Toni Lorentz, Vinzenz Sommer

Docents Anna Hauss, Eliane Hutmacher, Felix Lüke, Moritz Klatt, Steffi Garke, Stella Caric**

Director Steffi Garke
Artistic advice Rachel Hameleers
Production Valentin Merk
Lighting Max Fahndrich

more information: www.academy-buehnenkunstschule.de/tickets

*A performance by the ACADEMY Stage Arts School.

Access with tickets from the presale until 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance.
Remaining tickets will be sold at the box office depending on availability.

Further information:
- The box office and foyer are located in the former brennBar in the courtyard of the Alte Feuerwache, Axel-Springer-Str. 40/41, 10965 Berlin.
- the theatre hall has a fresh air ventilation system
- Trigger warning: strobe light

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