OPEN EYES: Bühnenkunstschule 2023

The final performance of the 20th year of the ACADEMY - Stage Arts School for Young People

What do you see and what do you not see? What is unseen, invisible? What do we think we can see and what do we not want to perceive? What do we dream about when we close our eyes and when are we groping in the dark? Since January 2023, the 32 young performers at the Stage Arts School have been exploring the theme of Open Eyes. Under the guidance of professional stage artists, they created their own songs, scenes and choreographies, looked deep into each other's eyes and developed this interdisciplinary performance together.

With Alma Moller · Aniela Karwan · Anouk Gießler · Carla Pugnat · Duygu Özgün · Ella Martini · Fanny Poensgen · Hannah Horstkotte · Hannah Sonnenberg · Jana El-Khalaf · Johanna Gerstenberg · Jule Widdig · Juli Oates · Julie Thiele · Jurij Hickethier · Laura von Lehmann · Liza Mineeva · Lorna Popp · Lukas Biela · Malia Kassin · Malina Fuhr · Mascha Rebmann · Matilda Behrends · Meret Grimm · Nele Langner · Nina Koch · Nori Mika · Romy Bodinus · Rosalie Lucht · Sebastian Luna · Sofia Horst · Teo Rebecchi

Docents Anna Hauss, Eliane Hutmacher, Felix Lüke, Moritz Klatt, Steffi Garke, Stella Caric**

Director Rachel Hameleers

Music Anna Hauss - Maximilian Schweizer - Mico Wuppermann
Dance Eliane Hutmacher - Shirley Seither - Tatjana Mahlke
Acting Felix Lüke - Rachel Hameleers

Artistic advice Steffi Garke
Production Valentin Merk
Assistance Linda Günther - Marthe

more information:

A performance by the ACADEMY Stage Arts School.


Access with tickets from the presale until 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance.
Remaining tickets will be sold at the box office depending on availability.

Tickets booked are transferable but cannot be refunded.

Further information:
- The box office and foyer are located in the former brennBar in the courtyard of the Alte Feuerwache, Axel-Springer-Str. 40/41, 10965 Berlin.
- the theatre hall has a fresh air ventilation system
- Trigger warning: strobe light

The presale starts on 21.05.2023 at 18.00.

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