CHAOS: Bühnenkunstschule 2024

The final performance of the 21th year of the ACADEMY - Stage Arts School for Young People

It is magnificent, ruthless, all-encompassing and infinitely intense. It presses down on my shoulders and pulls me up at the same time. And suddenly I realise how everything works: life, the universe. I'm riding a megalomaniac wave and know the right path in all this confusion.
Since January 2024, the young performers at the theatre arts school have been exploring the theme of CHAOS. Under the guidance of professional stage artists, they created scenes, songs and choreographies and this energetic and chaotic performance.

Dance Shirley Seither · Sünje Petersen
Alex Holletz · Frida Jährling · Frida Scharff · Karl Prinz · Lilli Jellinek · Paula Hantusch · Paula Kamecke · Paula Opitz · Ronja Kühl · Ruby Golz · Senna Reinhardt · Tara Leiberg · Theo Ziegenhagen · Tilda Theiler · Tonio Niepolt

Acting Jelle de Wit · Steffi Garke
Adel Itkina · Irma Kappenberger · Isadora Donth · Jara Kurzweil · Kian Weichert · Laura Lazic · Leody Lehmann · Louisa Kamecke · Luzie Reisch · Miro Chaparro Alkan · Nyenti Pech

Director Steffi Garke

Artistic advice Rachel Hameleers
Production* Valentin Merk

Pedagogical support Paula Wohlgemuth

more information:

A performance by the ACADEMY Bühnenkunstschule.


Ticket Control and Collection of Entry Stickers until 15 minutes before the start of the performance. Unclaimed tickets will be released for sale again. Remaining tickets will be sold at the box office, subject to availability.

Tickets booked are transferable but cannot be refunded.

Further information:
- The box office and theater café are located in the former brennBar in the courtyard of the Alte Feuerwache, Axel-Springer-Str. 40/41, 10965 Berlin.
- the theatre hall has a fresh air ventilation system
- Trigger warning: Strobe lights, darkness, loud music, breathing sounds

The presale starts on 23.05.2024 at 10.00.

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